"Steve Fisher has been summarizing depositions for our firm for several years. He was able, from the very first, to provide deposition summaries in the style and format we required, and he was able to adapt when changes were made. His summaries are clear and concise, and accurately reflect the testimony of the witness. Steve is honest about his availability, and assignments that are taken on are always completed on schedule, and often ahead of when promised. There have been several occasions when he has made extra effort to assist us, with his work still reflecting the same high quality."

William M. Slaughter
Procter, Slaughter & Reagan
Ventura, CA

"I would like to thank you for the quick completion of the difficult summarization job we submitted to you. I was very pleased with the fact that the deposition summaries (all seven volumes) were of such high quality that our expert witnesses were able to use them in lieu of reviewing the originals. Of course, this created a substantial reduction in expert fees while allowing for a complete and accurate review of the depositions by the experts. We look forward to using your services in the future."

Steven V. Rheuban
Law Offices of Rheuban & Gresen
Los Angeles, CA

"I highly recommend the services of Steve Fisher Deposition Summaries. Steve's deposition summaries are accurate, concise, intelligent and articulate. The turnaround time is very prompt and provides a cost efficient alternative to preparing summaries in-house."

Amanda Bicknell
Senior Litigation Paralegal
Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo
Cerritos, CA

"Steve consistently turns out thorough, accurate and well-written deposition summaries. He is reliable, professional, and very pleasant to work with."

Fran Chernowsky
Litigation Resources & Consulting
Northridge, CA

"Our office has used the services of Steve Fisher for several years. In addition to being timely and professional, Mr. Fisher has exhibited a keen awareness of the sensitive issues in the materials he has prepared. His assistance has proved a valuable asset to our practice."

David Dorenfeld
Snyder, Dorenfeld, LLP
Calabasas, CA

"Steve Fisher's well-organized, clear and concise deposition summaries have allowed me to prepare for trial thoroughly and efficiently."

Nohemi Gutierrez Ferguson
Gutierrez, Preciado & House LLP
Pasadena, CA

"Before becoming an attorney with the NLRB, I owned a deposition summarizing service. My clients were attorneys in Los Angeles and throughout California. During this period, I enjoyed a ten-year working relationship with Steve Fisher. Steve never missed a deadline and always turned in summaries that were exceptional in terms of content, clarity and accuracy. He is an excellent writer and highly adept at reducing a deposition to its fundamentals while maintaining the essence of the testimony. He is a true professional, he works hard, and I knew I could count on him when the pressure was turned up."

Katherine Braun-Mankin
Attorney, NLRB, Los Angeles, CA
Former Owner, Katherine Braun Company

"Steve Fisher produces the best deposition summaries I've seen in my 25-year legal career. His summaries are on time, error-free, and always maintain the integrity of the testimony. Steve is always willing to go the extra mile to accommodate a last-minute project. Working with him is a real pleasure."

Marilyn Moskowitz-Dupies
Independent Paralegal, Los Angeles & Orange County, CA
Former NALA Liaison for Orange County Paralegal Association

"No one summarizes depositions better than Steve Fisher. His ability to extrapolate key information is extraordinary, his summaries are well-written and easy to read, and he never mischaracterizes the testimony. Simply put, he's the best."

Myrna Richardson
Independent Paralegal, Los Angeles, CA
Former President, Los Angeles Paralegal Association