On all projects, large or small, Steve Fisher Deposition Summaries provides deposition summaries that are clear, concise and easy to read regardless of the complexity of the subject matter. All summaries are written in complete sentences, with no abbreviations or contractions, and include page/line references, topic headings and a table of contents.


Because every case is different and the associated costs are subject to so many variables, Steve Fisher Deposition Summaries offers a range of prices tailored to meet the specific needs of the law firm, the concerns of the client, and the parameters of the case. We have cost-effective rates for all situations, and we do not charge extra for expert testimony or trial transcripts. To discuss rates for your deposition summary project, call toll-free at 866 515-6499.


Full payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date. For extremely large or long term summarization projects, partial payment may be required before the commencement of work.


As standard practice, summaries are provided in a two-column format with page/line references on the left and summary sections on the right (see samples). Customized formats are available at the request of the client.

Transcript / Summary Ratio

With the possible exception of expert or extremely detailed testimony, ten transcript pages are normally reduced to one page of summary. For example, a 300-page transcript would be distilled down to approximately 30 easy-to-read pages.

Quality Control

Steve Fisher Deposition Summaries employs highly-skilled proofreaders who check each summary for errors and accuracy. No summary is sent to a client without final approval by Steve Fisher.

Confidentiality & Objectivity

All summarizing projects are approached with complete professionalism and treated with the utmost in confidentiality. Transcripts are summarized from a completely objective perspective and contain no biased interpretations.

Delivery & Return of Transcripts & Summaries

Transcripts may be conveyed to Steve Fisher Deposition Summaries as email attachments, or in hard copy form. We do not charge extra for handling hard copy transcripts. The completed summaries will be returned in accordance with the method and format requested by the client. Hard copies of summaries and a Word or WordPerfect CD are provided upon request at no additional cost.