Q. Why should I choose Steve Fisher Deposition Summaries over other summarizing companies?

A. Since 1987, Steve Fisher Deposition Summaries has been considered by many to be the best deposition summary service in the Los Angeles area (see testimonials). Your selection of Steve Fisher Deposition Summaries ensures you of the highest level of quality and professionalism backed by a longstanding reputation for excellence and reliability.

Q. How long have you been online?

A. Steve Fisher Deposition Summaries has been online and serving law firms nationwide since 2000.

Q. Why should I use Steve Fisher Deposition Summaries instead of having my depositions summarized in-house?

A. The cost of deposition summary work by a paralegal or an attorney typically ranges from $85 to $150 an hour, and could go much higher depending on the size and reputation of the law firm. The standard page rate at Steve Fisher Deposition Summaries translates to approximately $40 per hour. By allowing us to summarize your depositions, you save money and free up your in-house personnel for other important tasks.

Q. What do your deposition summaries include in terms of content?

A. All deposition summaries contain an accurate, factual and unbiased reflection of the deponent's testimony in complete sentences, with no confusing abbreviations or contractions. All summaries include page/line numbers, topic headings and a table of contents. Extensive colloquy and instructions not to answer are noted and described, and all exhibits are clearly identified.

Q. Can your deposition summaries be easily read and understood by outside parties such as expert witnesses?

A. Yes. All summaries are written in prose that is easy to read and comprehend regardless of the complexity of the subject matter. Several clients have achieved tremendous cost savings by having their experts read our summaries rather than the full-length transcripts (see testimonials).

Q. Do you charge extra for expert witness depositions and trial testimony?

A. No. The same rate applies to all summaries regardless of their nature.

Q. Is there an extra charge for page/line numbers, topic headings and a table of contents?

A. No. Page/line numbers, topic headings and a table of contents are included in every deposition summary.

Q. Do you maintain a high level of confidentiality?

A. Yes, absolutely. All work product generated by Steve Fisher Deposition Summaries is subject to the strictest standards of confidentiality, and those standards have never been breached. Confidentiality agreements are welcomed and willingly signed.

Q. What is your transcript-to-summary page ratio?

A. With the possible exception of expert and extremely detailed testimony, the transcript-to-summary page ratio is 10 to 1, meaning that a 300-page summary transcript would be distilled down to approximately 30 easy to read pages.

Q. How quickly can you summarize my transcripts?

A. On large summary projects, turnaround time is generally seven days, which allows time for proofing, editing and formatting. Small to mid-size projects projects are typically completed within three to five days. Rush projects may be turned around in is little as two days, but at a slightly higher cost. On all projects, summaries are provided immediately upon completion if so desired by the client.

Q. Are any of my transcripts sent to offshore companies for summarizing?

A. Never. All depositions are summarized by qualified professionals who have been trained by Steve Fisher and work under his direct supervision.

Q. Do you have proofing and quality control?

A. Yes. All of our deposition summaries are reviewed and edited by highly skilled proofreaders, and no summary is sent to a client without final approval by Steve Fisher.

Q. Is there a minimum or maximum number of transcripts I can send?

A. No. Steve Fisher Deposition Summaries can handle anywhere from one to hundreds of transcripts. No job is too large, too small, or too difficult.

Q. How can I send my transcripts to Steve Fisher Deposition Summaries?

A. Transcripts may be sent to Steve Fisher Deposition Summaries as email attachments, or in hard copy form. Although electronic transmission is the most efficient way of conveying transcripts, hard copy documents are gladly accepted and are not subject to any additional charges.

Q. How will I receive my completed deposition summaries?

A. Depending on the client's preference, completed summaries may be returned as email attachments and/or in hard copy form. A Word or WordPerfect CD is available upon request at no additional charge.

Q. Where can I see samples of your deposition summaries?

A. Summary samples from ten different types of civil cases are readily accessible on the Steve Fisher Deposition Summaries website (see samples). Hard copies of summary samples are available upon request.

Q. How are your deposition summaries formatted?

A. Unless otherwise requested by the client, all summaries are provided in a standard two-column format, with page/line numbers on the left and testimony on the right (see samples). Custom formats are available at no extra charge.

Q. Can I count on you when I'm under pressure and on a tight deadline?

A. Most definitely (see testimonials). Steve Fisher Deposition Summaries has never missed a deadline.

Q. Why should I retain Steve Fisher Deposition Summaries when some of the other summarizing services are cheaper?

A. When you retain Steve Fisher Deposition Summaries, you receive a level of excellence that can only be attained through years of experience and professionalism far above the norm. Our writing, content and quality control are unsurpassed, and in fact, many clients have found the caliber of the summaries to greatly exceed their expectations. Our page rate allows us to maintain the superior standards our clients have come to expect while still providing a cost-effective alternative to preparing summaries in-house.

Q. Where are you located?

A. Steve Fisher Deposition Summaries is located at 545 East Cypress Avenue, Unit A, Burbank, CA, 91501-1863. , or call toll free: 866 515-6499.